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We are a family business started by a mom (me aka Krista) who lost my identity after leaving the corporate world and giving birth to my second child. I new I had to find something to pick myself up , to keep myself motivated , challenged and to scratch my creative itch so I could be the wife, mother and friend to those who needed Me most. Out of a strong passion to make a difference in this world, Dear Skarlett Boutique was born. Our Mission is to bring affordable, beautiful clothing to women of all ages so they can truly feel and look their very best inside and out every day. Dear Skarlett Boutique specializes in comfortable and trendy looks that will not break the bank. Each item is handpicked by myself, and of course my assistant Skarlett. (read more HERE)

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Do not underestimate this little gal. Skarlett has a flair for fashion and a passion for business.
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Krista's Favorites
All Things Lace
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Matching Mom and Daughter clothes
There is an unexplainable bond between a mother and a daughter. We love wearing matching outfits that we both handpicked.
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Besides Creating Beautiful Spaces, Marketing and Bringing the Best Most Unique Quality Items To You, I Have a Passion For Sharing my thoughts and things I've learnt along my journey. Have a listen to My podcast called...

"Ofcourse you can"

Hey , I 'm Skarlett

Thank you for stopping by. We are always open. I can't wait to meet you one day. You will know its me by my beautiful smile.