Dear Jeannine
Dear Jeannine
Dear Jeannine

Dear Jeannine

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You are such an inspiration to all ages. You make moms smile and daughters when they put you on, You are super comfy and look amazing with jeans or you can be dressed up for work at the office. Thank you for not judging body types and being so flattering on all women.

Love Krista

True to size 75%POLY 25%ACRYLIC>KNIT


EVERY Women is Beautiful. She is powerful, She is Successful and She is loved by so many. We are here to remind Her every day of her worth.


"I could not have better things to say than the truth. Every time I Have received from Dear Skarlett it is even more beautiful than seen in pictures. Every item that i put on makes me feel like the lady that I am and more. Thank you Krista for choosing clothes from the heart that truly reflects the wardrobe of a lady. P.S There is not 1 item that I wear that I do not get compliments n including from strangers"


" Every piece of clothing I have ever got is so unique. I always feel so beautiful when I wear my Dear Skarlett clothes. The way that Krista cares about us is why I will always support her. Her values show through her personality and she is always leading with he heart. Skarlett is so adorable and full of life. I am happy to know my dollars spent are going to this beautiful family"


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