Dear Skarlett is so much more than just clothes. It was started out of desperation from a mom trying to figure out how she could stay home with her new babies, contribute financially and help other women feel good in their skin. Krista knew that she could help others but she had to help herself first. Get her confidence back, scratch her entrepreneurial itch, and be able to work in her creative zone of genius. That is when Dear Skarlett was first born...
My life and business wasn’t always filled with deep purpose. It was rooted in a passion for innovation, creative projects & marketing – YES – but it wasn’t until I decided to start Giving Myself Full Permission to go after my dreams no matter what, That the Journey began for me to get rid of all the head trash that has been holding me back.
In fact, If we rewind to just a few years ago, in 2014, you would would have found me pregnant with my second child, miserable in my 9-5. Feeling completly unfulfilled and unchallenged. Not because the Company was not amazing and the people I worked with, but because I always knew I wanted more. I never really have fit in to the traditional molds of society, and climbing the corporate ladder was never my jam. For years my co workers would tell me I am so creative and I should open my own company. But my friends and family outside the 9-5 told me different. They all thought I had the most secure job, great paying and luck to have career. While they were right about a lot of it, my heart kept pulling me in another direction.

At the age of 34 while I was on Early Maternity leave before  my Son was born, the company I was working for SOLD. So Lay offs were happening. I remember the day i got the call. From my manager. I could hear the fear in his voice. He knew I was going to have a baby and already had other kids at home, he knew I just built a house and he knew i had been there for 15 years. I bet he could hear the fear in my voice too. But my fear was not that I was getting the call to be laid off. My fear was That I was not going to get Laid off and would be transferred to another group of companies.!!! You see I was hoping for it. I was ready for change for about 5 years at this point, but I was in a state of fear, what if, and I wasn't giving myself permission to take the leap of fate. But because God/Universe heard my prayers, Getting laid off that day was EXACTLY what needed to happen for me to start this Entrepreneurial journey I have been on ever since. Thanks Phil (if you ever read this) It truly was one of the happiest days of my life, I felt freedom, I felt the fresh start happening as soon as i hung up the phone., Did i know my plan? NOPE. Do I Still not know it? YUP. I am life long learner, A dream Chaser, and here to service and inspire you however I can. SO As I give my self Permission, to move forward, I hope that You Give yourself permission TOO.
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Create a light so bright, that anyone who see's it will walk towards it, and begin their journey of self discovery to  finding their passion, their purpose, their Super Power. Sharing my message to help you share yours.

                                                                                       xoxo Krista