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Hello there. And thank you for tuning into my very first episode. I thought it would be totally fitting to let you guys know why I started this podcast in the first place and share a little bit with you about how I came up with the name. I don't know about you, but I always love knowing people's backstories and where their ideas you know, originated from. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do that. So why I started this podcast, my husband and I have a podcast called the Krista and ed show. And we do that together and we get to interview amazing entrepreneurs all over the world, which I absolutely love doing. But I started this one because sometimes I feel like as a mom, as an entrepreneur, as a wife, I, as women, we forget sometimes to take care of ourselves and express ourselves, you know, in the best way that we know how there's something that I have been struggling with for a long time.


So I'm being a little bit vulnerable here, but and it's giving myself 100% permission, meaning allowing myself to go after my dreams, to do the things that I want to do without holding myself back. I often tell myself the same stories over and over again of why I can't do something. In fact, I I'm, I get so close to my goals and, and I, I sometimes I, I ended up, I think sabotaging them because I tell myself these stories of, you know, why I can't do it. And this year I'm on a mission to break through that. And I thought, what better way to do that than to share my thoughts, my feelings, and also share with you guys, obviously, a lot of the stuff that I've been learning, because I feel like I'm going to explode inside. If I don't. I know that when I've heard other people share with me, whether it be online through podcasts, or even by reading a book, it has helped me through a lot of different periods in my life, especially on my entrepreneurship journey.


When I start thinking, Hey, you know, what, should I really be doing this? Maybe I should stop now. Or, you know, should I, should I go on that girl's trip that I've been wanting to do? Or maybe I shouldn't because my kids will miss me or, you know, all of these reasons that we tell ourselves that we can't, I hope that by sharing on this podcast, I'm going to inspire you this year to also start taking action. No more excuses start taking action. Now why why I named the podcast? Of course you can. It's kind of a bit of a funny story and I'm going to share it. So yesterday I was sitting here thinking with my pen and paper. I love to brainstorm ideas and I find I need to write them out because if I don't, it's all stuck in my head.


And I think we all know where that ends up going really nowhere, right? Ideas are nothing if they're not implemented. And I thought, you know what, I'm going to start a podcast so that I can start sharing some of these things, but what am I going to name it? You know, because this is such a personal journey to me. I was struggling with the name. I usually don't overthink those things. So I started writing down things to see how they made me feel in my heart. And I wrote things down like inspiration leadership helping people caring, finding your purpose superpowers. And I just couldn't get it. So I actually sent a message to my friend and I said, Hey, my friends are used to my randomness by the way, which is totally awesome. I love you guys for that. And I said, Hey I'm trying to think of a name for a new podcast that I want to start no context or anything.

And that's how you know, they're good friends. You don't have to explain yourself. And I said, I I'm trying to brainstorm. And I'm having a hard time coming up with this name. My friend said to me, Krista, what is it that you're trying to do? And I said, you know, well, this year, my whole goal is to give myself permission. Now don't get me wrong. I, I'm not afraid to take risks and chances, but in order to keep growing, you always get to a threshold. And there's another piece that pops up in our brains that gives us a story that I'm just ready to break through. I'm done with making excuses for myself. And I told her I really want to work on giving myself permission this year. And she said to me, well, permission to me is a form of acknowledgement to, to let you know that you're doing things right or, okay.


And then she asked me a question and she said, Krista, what is it that you tell your kids when your kids ask you, if they can go somewhere or if they can have something. And immediately I knew the, I said, well, I usually would say, of course you can. And as soon as I finished typing it, I was like, Oh, that is it. So I got goosebumps and I'm like, Oh gee, that is it. That's what I'm calling it. Of course you can. What does it mean to me? Well, my gosh, it's, you know giving yourself permission. One of the journeys that I have every time I try to go back into myself is, you know is just realizing that a lot of these stories that we have embedded in our heads come and develop over time. Some of them are created when we were kids, right?


Because of situations or people around us or things that we were told or taught or things maybe that we've seen. Right. Both positive and negative. Those are things you don't necessarily have control over, but your brain is wired based on your surroundings. Right? So I just wish sometimes that I could go back and probably because I'm a mom and I see things differently now, but like what I look at my daughter, I just wish sometimes I could go back to, you know, her age. She's eight years old. Now she's such a beautiful girl and tell myself some of the things that I, I I'm trying to learn now. Right? Like I would never tell my daughter, no, you can't do that because you are not good enough. I would never say that. I would never say that to anybody, not even a complete stranger. So why on earth do we do it to ourselves?


I want you to think about that as well. I know I'm not the only person that does this. In fact, I would say some of the most successful people in the world still do this. So let this be your reminder that it's an every day thing that needs to be worked on and muscle in our brain that needs to be massaged. Don't forget about it. Don't forget who you are. And you know, if you feel lost, this is sometimes what I do. And maybe it won't work for you, but I always try to go back and say, what would I tell my 10 year old self? What would I tell my 18 year old self? What would I tell my 13 year old self, give yourself advice like you would to your best friend. And in most cases, like I said, two complete strangers. All right. So if you're wondering, Hey, you know, should I take that new job? Should I start that business? Should I, I don't know, take that vacation that I've always wanted to take. And I keep putting off, you know what, I'm going to tell you. Of course you can, of course you can. And if anybody asks you or tells you that you can't, you know what you tell them? Krista told me, Krista said, of course I can. Thanks so much for listening guys. I can't wait to share more episodes with you.

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