What 2020 has taught me

What a year of change and growth this has been for me. I am sitting here reflecting on how this year truly was a blessing and everything I have been doing for the last 6 years prepared me for it. 

It is funny because when everything was shutting down and schools closed in March earlier this year, I was the most calm inside i had been in a long time. My anxiety was almost non existence. I was so happy to have my kids home , knowing they were safe as long as they were with us. Even though we cant control the outside world we can certainly control what goes on in our own homes.

I felt the world take a breath. A break . To reconnect with ourselves to figure out what truly is important. I will bet to say your priorities shifted to.

Isn't it funny how when we want to make a change sometimes it takes something catastrophic for us to do it?

2020 has taught me there is no time to wait. Why not live the life of passion that we all desire now? Why are we waiting for the next thing, or someone to give us permission to do it.

We all have one life to live. The same 24 hrs in a day. Live in the moment, take the time to smell the flowers and to embrace the fact that your heart is still beating. You still have a chance to live every day. That is the true blessing that we all have.

As I sit here and type this I am so grateful that the universe brought me back full circle to restarting the boutique. I had to take some time to focus on other things in our family and business. I studied and learnt from the best in the industry all about marketing, business and self development. To become the person I needed to be today.

Man what a journey it has been. I will share more with all of you who want to listen. But for now, These were my thoughts for today.

Have an amazing day!

Love Krista



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