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Lady Box Sept 29/16

Good morning,

I have some pretty exciting stuff that I want to talk to you guys about. I thought I would start doing this blog thing since I've started and stopped it and started it over time but I'm one year into business now and things are getting pretty exciting. Our newest launch that we've done is the Lady Box, so that is the monthly subscription for a box full of goodies from Dear Scarlet Boutique. Now, you can treat yourself or if you're a gentleman or just a friend, you can treat a lady in your life. You can do a month to month and you can also pre-pay by 3 months if that's something that you would prefer to do.


There's 2 price ranges, you'll see that on the site. Just to walk you through it, there's a $75 a month option or a $135 a month option. We call the $75 a month the mini box and the $135 the maxi box. You'll get between 2 or 4 items in either box just depends on what price range you're in on what you're going to see in your box. As a bonus, we have included a fresh pair of panties every month will be thrown into that box as well and a personal note on a sticky for you, just reminding you you're beautiful or whatever it is that we feel like putting on that particular day.


That's really fun and exciting for us. I keep the profiles online and history on what you've purchased from the store, what you've gotten in your box so every customer has a file that is customized and that I review. We choose your items accordingly, so make sure if there's any updates that need to happen, you can send me an email or feel free to fill out the Lady Box quiz form again. We'll make any adjustments we can. What is new with you guys? I know we've just started sending out the boxes and getting some really cool feedback. I'm so excited about it. I don't know, I think that's a wrap for now. I will talk to you again soon.




Wow, Where is the summer going? It has been a beautiful one so far, and I am so blessed to be surrounded with wonderful family and friends. 

Today I want to talk about MomPreneurs.

If you are a mother, you understand how much time you really have in a day to get things done. In between feedings, diaper changes, playing, colouring, spilled milk and oh oh Mommmmmmmmmmm, I need you to wipe my bum!!!!

Now add starting a business to that every day reality and it hardly seems like it could be a reality some days. I am here to tell you ladies it is Possible. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Look back 10 years from now and think of all the things that you wish you did...Now look ahead 10 years from now, and imagine all the things you could do if you start today:)


Below is a link a great article with some advise from 8 successfel Mompreneurs who started a business, while their children were young.


Do you know a Mompreneur? Or are you a Mompreneur with a great story to share? We want to hear from you. Send us your stories (


~Keep It Simple

~To the Point

~Include Pictures (if you have, we love pictures) :)))


A story Between a Mother and A Daughter

We have been launched for a few weeks now, and I am overwhelmed by the support we have been recieving already. This Business was inspired by a desire to build a family business along side my beautiful daughter Skarlett.

For those of you who do not know Skarlett, she is only 4 years old. She is so delighted to be seeing her name everywhere, and let me tell you she may be little, but she is very adamit about doing her share at the Boutique.

Everytime the door bell rings she runs to the door as though Santa has arrived with the biggest smile on her face. "I hope it is more stuff for the Boutique Mom". When it is, she can not wait to be the first to rip the boxes open, and help me sort through the inventory.

I love that I am teaching her, as I work to be able to stay home with my children. She puts all the S's with the S's , the M's with the M's and the L's with the L's etc...

She signs each Thank You card before our orders are shipped, and comes to the post office to personally see your orders off. 

The other day we were at the grocery store and a lady walked up to me and said "I love your dress. Where did you get it?"

I replied, "Well actually, we just launched our online Boutique..." There was a little "uhhh-hummm" and a tap on my leg.   " Can I have one of my busness cards please?" Says Skarlett. Then she handed it to the lady like she knew just what to do.

From that Moment on, I knew...I picked the right business partner. xoxoxo




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