About Us

A bond between a mother and a daughter is like no other. It is unexplainable what happens to your heart when you meet your little angel for the first time.Hormones and body changes are a whole other story.

All of a sudden nothing is about you anymore, And those jeans that used to fit and your favorite shirt all of a sudden shows off all of those parts that you do not want them to.

One thing I knew for sure that I felt good in all the time was new sheets….awwwe, atlast a nice comfy material against my skin. Its even King Size and it fits just right. But during the day my husbands oversized shirts are what was most comfortable. I actually started thinking I looked good in them lol.

Then I decided enough is enough. I don't want to stay in bed all day or wear my husbands clothes anymore to be comfortable. I am sure I am not the only one feeling this way. So the idea came to life….

Our mission is to bring affordable, beautiful clothing and accessories to women of all ages and sizes. Dear Skarlett Boutique specializes in comfortable and trendy looks that will not break the bank. Each item is handpicked by myself, and of course my assistant Skarlett.

She Belived She Could So She Did… This is a saying that has so many different meanings to so many different people, and is universal in the message that it delivers when strength is needed. Krista McEwan (founder of Dear Skarlett Boutique) Heard these words loud and clear when she decided to start her own business after 15 years in the coorporate world. She had decided that she wanted to stay home with her kids and be a part of every milestone she could while they were so litte. It started off as a Hobby and has now turned into a full blown passion.


Krista decided to start her online business from home starting with clothes. Since she knew that every women felt good in clothes that fit her body type and were comfortable. The idea came to life in January 2015, in February 2015 Krista and her husband were on a plane travelling to meet with different suppliers to ensure the quality was on point for any hand picked item that Krista would bring into the boutique.

Krista Started a facebook page, through up a website and started her business from her phone. I know sounds crazy. But it is true. July 2015 is when the website was officially launched. 

By the end of 2016 Krista realized that her vision was way bigger than her. She found her purpose and realized that she can make a difference in other peoples lives on a bigger scale by creating a team. A Dream Team she would some day call Dear Hunters. She did none of this on her own. Her customers and cheerleaders on line have helped her get to where she is today. So full of gratitude and now on a mission to help others see the beauty in them selves that she sees in them.


Krista dreams of creating her own clothing line someday, and having a global brand reaching thousands of women and families across the world.

She believes that walking others down the path you have already walked is how you will change the world one step at a time. Everybody is beautiful. Sometimes we just forget or loose our confidence. Krista wants to bring that confidence back and light the fire back up in peoples lives.

Dear Skarlett Boutique now offers the opportunity to become a stylist. Where we are creating financial freedom through social selling and building strong communities together. Our opportunity gives you the choice to be a part of something empowering, the choice of freedom and more time to spend with family and friends.


Our Mantra: